Saturday, September 12, 2009

Unit 5 in 2009 ( was Unit 6 in 2008 )

We had an excellent time hunting Unit 5 ( was unit 6 in 2008 ). We spent 3 days scouting before the hunt. This unit is over 600 acres, and getting into an area we had never been before the 3 days scouting was not enough. We had to head out from Hutto after work and school so we only had a few hrs each day in the evenings. We were able to see 2 nice bucks, 8 and 10, mature, on top of the plateau, as it was getting dark. This is where we set up the first morning of our hunt and didnt see anything, obviously a night spot; however, we sat there the first night as well and didnt see anything. Not enough time to pattern the deer. We did put out trail cams and got some pics of a few nice deer down in the bottom at the rear of the unit. The pictures I posted on the home page are 2 of them. I am going to try and figure out a way to post a map marked with where we saw the deer and got the pics. This hunt was my sons so I let him decide how we would hunt it, after we tried setting up on the plateau to cover the "big" bucks we saw while scouting. He wanted to move around and stalk the second day, and we saw more deer moving than we did sitting. He had a nice 10 in his scope that was chasing a deer. Im proud of the decision he made on not dropping the hammer on a running buck, he only had it in the scope for about 7 seconds and it wouldnt stop for a clean shot. Aside from wounding a deer which is most important, it would be a difficult recovering an animal into where this Buck was heading. He made a good choice. I tell him, Its called Hunting, not killing, and him finding this buck on his own, using his own techniques, was priceless in its self. Again, I will try to post a map with some points lined out to assist anyone that has Unit 5 for the 2009 Season. My son drew Unit 3 for 2009, so if anyone has any info, please share. Thank You and Safe Hunting.

Share details from your Hunt

I am starting this blog to assist hunters, Youth and Adults, with the Draw Hunts at Balcones Canyonlands National Wildlife Refuge in Marble Falls Tx. My Son drew a hunt last year, and has been blessed again this year to draw another. We learned last year that the 1 week scouting was not enough time; however, we learned alot during his Hunt. I would like to use this blog to share info on the different Units to help assist other Hunters with details, success, deer locations, photos, deer habits, movements, or whatever you think is important, to help the success of our Youth Hunters, as well as Adults that get drawn. Have fun, Good Luck, and be safe. Please keep this blog family friendly as I would hope this grows into a friendly user site.